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An Exciting Opportunity for High School Seniors

Through a partnership with Madison-Oneida BOCES, Oneida Health is able to provide an outstanding educational opportunity for selected senior students who are interested in Allied Health professions. This program is designed to provide high school seniors with an insider’s study of the broad health related career field found in health care facilities today. The student will receive a first-hand, in-depth overview of the health care field. In addition, the program offers individualized career exploration.

Students spend five mornings a week at Oneida Health and three mornings rotating through various departments within the hospital. Integrated academics, Health Occupations, English 12 (technical writing and literature), and Social Studies 12 (economics and government) are instructed in the context of the health care industry. All projects are geared to be authentic in nature.

Allied Health PatientMore often than not they function independently, experiencing everything from observing a surgeon in the operating room, to working with the Chief Financial Officer on a budget project.

Student applicants are required to meet specific eligibility criteria (including having completed three years of math and science by the end of their junior year), complete program application, and participate in a formal interview process conducted jointly by the school and hospital.

Patient ReviewThis think-oriented curriculum includes problem solving, decision-making, and application projects. The program is designed to better prepare students for the transition from high school to college and the real world.

The Allied Health Partnership isn’t for everyone, but for the serious, motivated student, it’s a phenomenal opportunity to spend their senior year in an exciting and challenging way!

If you have any questions regarding the Allied Health Partnership Program please contact your high school guidance counselor, Madison-Oneida BOCES or e-mail us to request more information.